VSUN SOLAR is speeding up the in-depth development of Vietnamese market

Release date:2020-09-11

The strong policy environment of renewable energy market has an important impact in Vietnam. Vietnam has become one of the hottest markets in the world.

The Vietnamese government has announced a series of policies such as high electricity price subsidy to support the solar energy, thus push forward the fast development of Vietnamese PV market. It reflects the Vietnamese government’s determination to make renewable energy and PV energy the core of its own energy development. Renewable energy is also bound to be truly sustainable in the Vietnamese market.

The extension of the FIT(feed-in tariff) for solar projects is one of the most notable features from Decision 13 issued by the Prime Minister of Vietnam, which has taken effect since May 22, 2020. It continues to provide special incentives by allowing solar power projects which have been included in the national/provincial power development plans and achieved COD before January 1, 2021. The policy requires the investor to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) using the template issued by the Vietnamese government to sell electricity to EVN.

Project location: Khánh Hòa, Việt Nam

As one of the most well-known solar solution providers in Vietnamese market regards to the high quality, customized sales strategy and localized services, VSUN SOLAR is dedicated to make contribution to environmental protection and sustainable energy industry. VSUN is optimizing the strength in bringing greener and cleaner energy into Vietnamese market.

During the past few years, VSUN factories (Bắc Giang, Vietnam) have supplied high efficiency modules and reliable customer services to local residential, industrial & commercial and utility users. VSUN makes continuously  technology innovation and process optimization, to improve the supply chain system, and to raise the customer satisfaction.

Along with new product research and announcement, VSUN helps investors minimize the cost and bring higher ROI with both lower BOS costs and lower LCOE. Our new product VSUN450-144MH have been applied to solar project in Vietnam market. It has become one of the best choices for investors of scale power stations in Vietnam.

Moreover, VSUN provides PV warranty Insurance from the third party, localized post-sale service, financing support etc. to local customers. Till now VSUN has already signed many orders for Vietnam market this year. Vietnam market is one of the most distinctive markets of VSUN in 2020.

Additionally, VSUN offers EPC services to better serve the customers in Vietnam market. The scope of service involves PV project design evaluation, power station inspection, operation and maintenance optimization etc. which will significantly enhance the long-term revenue of PV power plants.

In accordance with the trend, VSUN is now developing Vietnamese market in-depth. VSUN is particularly active, which comes right at the booming point of a revival for the Vietnam PV market, following the policy and the lively environment we are now experiencing. VSUN is confident to largely increase market share in Vietnam within 2020.


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