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As a company with a multicultural background and built on the basis of respecting the cultural differences and diversity of employees, we strive to provide employees with a wealth of training programs and career planning, to build a diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone to develop and fully display their talents.

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VSUN’s Global Team

VSUN’s global team is actively bringing solar smart solutions to all parts of the world while addressing energy challenges from all over the world. VSUN Solar regards improving the living standards of people around the world as a sacred mission. VSUN Solar is committed to the health, safety and development of its employees. Now, you will have the opportunity to work with the innovative VSUN team, and get professional development and self growth in the rapidly growing solar industry.

Job Opportunities

Job Name
International Sales Manager (European Area)

Job Duties:

1. Responsible for the development of business and customer management in the European market, good customer maintenance and order follow-up;

2. Responsible for handling the coordination of work and handling daily affairs between this sales area and other departments;

3. Responsible for assisting in the management, filing, archiving and storage of sales contracts and other documentation;

4. Completing account execution reconciliation with customers and receivables management;

5. Collecting customer information and assisting in the formulation of sales plans;

6. Assisting in the administration of the region;

7. To complete other tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, professional English level 6 or equivalent;

2. Experience in foreign trade sales or photovoltaic industry is preferred;

3. Good communication and coordination skills, good anti-stress ability;

4. Highly career-oriented, responsible and pioneering spirit, good team spirit;

5. Proficient in the application of office software, Outlook, CRM system, etc;

6. Excellent fresh graduates may be considered for employment.

North American Sales Assistant

Job Duties:

1. Assist in the sales and customer management of the sales area, maintain and follow up the orders of the customers

2. Assist in the coordination of work between the sales area and other departments and deal with daily affairs

3. To assist in the management, filing, archiving and storage of sales contracts and other documents

4. Assist sales to complete the implementation of reconciliation with customers, receivables management.

5. To collect customer information, organize customer information and assist in the development of sales plan

6. Assist in the management of administrative affairs in the region.

7. Be familiar with the company's internal system and proficient in using various systems.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by immediate supervisor (assist in the management of administrative affairs in the region).

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, English as working language

2. Proficiency in using office software such as Excel, power point etc;

3. Strong internal and external communication and coordination skills, anti-stress ability, clear logical thinking;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and service consciousness, rigorous and careful;

5. The ability to follow up and handle multiple lines of work at the same time;

6. Overseas sales assistant experience and interest in overseas sales industry is preferred

7. Familiarity with the photovoltaic industry is preferred

North American Sales Manager

Job Duties:

1、 Responsible for the development and maintenance of the US PV module sales market, to achieve sales targets;

2、 Responsible for daily communication with customers, order establishment, production coordination and remittance follow-up;

3、 Regularly collect the latest market policies and competitor information, feedback to the company internal market information and customer requirements;

4、 Regularly summarize the work results and report with the team;

5、 Participate in important exhibitions and industry summits, and do brand marketing and customer mining;

6、 Other tasks arranged by the company management.

Job Requirements:

1、 Fluent oral and written English skills, able to complete basic customer development work alone;

2、 Excellent sense of teamwork and independent thinking skills;

3、 Sufficient concentration and self-motivation.

4、 Have the ability to assign tasks in a multi-task situation and achieve reasonable work output;

5、 At least 2 years of sales experience in overseas PV industry or solar product application industry;

6、 Good communication skills and business negotiation skills, good interpersonal and organizational coordination skills;

7、 Bachelor's degree or above.

8、 Familiar with foreign solar industry policies of various countries, market wind vane, product demand of various countries, familiar with product industry standards;

9、 Familiar with the knowledge of photovoltaic technology;

Experience of working or living independently overseas.

Head of Sales Department

Job Duties:

Business Module

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's marketing strategic planning, and participate in the decision-making of major issues of the company's market strategy development

1、 Grasp the market trends and development trends, to provide a reliable basis for the company to develop development planning, annual business objectives

2、 According to the company's strategic planning and development line, develop marketing strategy, product strategy, price strategy and various marketing plans, and organize the implementation after approval

3、 Timely analysis of market dynamics and marketing environment, timely adjustment of marketing strategies and plans, the development of preventive and corrective measures to ensure the normal implementation of marketing plans

Responsible for sales and sales order management

1、 Responsible for the completion of the sales targets, sales target decomposition, to ensure the achievement of sales targets, sales progress will be timely feedback to the President

2、 According to the sales target, assist each sales team to develop the sales strategy of the region, market development and customer development strategy

3、 Responsible for participating in the company's product strategy according to the market and the same industry, and execute it after approval

4、 Responsible for the audit and management of the sales quotation system

5、 Responsible for the negotiation and signing of important contracts

6、 Responsible for regular visits and communication with important customers

Responsible for the implementation of the company's market promotion and expansion

1、 Responsible for guiding the marketing department to investigate and study the market, competitors and customers, formulate corresponding measures in response to the market and competitors' trends, consolidate and improve the original market and develop new markets

2、 Responsible for attending important exhibitions and industry summits

3、 Responsible for supervising and guiding the planning and execution of marketing activities

4、 Responsible for guiding the marketing department in the promotion of the company's brand and image and the planning of public relations activities

Responsible for the organization of marketing meetings, and the supervision of meeting resolutions

1、 Responsible for the arrangement of marketing meetings

2、 Responsible for supervising and guiding the implementation of conference resolutions

Team Management Module

Responsible for the development and implementation of the management system of the marketing team

1、 Responsible for presiding over the development and revision of the working procedures and rules and regulations of the marketing system, which will be implemented after approval

2、 Responsible for supervising the implementation and improvement of the internal management system of the department

3、 Responsible for formulating internal training plans for the marketing department and supervising the implementation of the training plans

4、 Apply for recruitment and deployment of direct subordinates in accordance with work requirements and procedures, and be responsible for the nomination of personnel for direct subordinate positions and the appointment of personnel for subordinate positions at other levels

5、 Responsible for reviewing the marketing system and its related documents, and issuing documents within the scope of authority

6、 Participate in the development of the annual marketing budget, responsible for the control of the marketing costs

Responsible for the supervision and coordination of marketing team management

1、 Responsible for the confirmation of important activities and programs of the marketing department

2、 Responsible for the supervision of important work matters in the commercial section

3、 Responsible for the optimization and assessment of team structure

4、 Responsible for the department's internal administrative and management matters

5、 Responsible for team building, internal style building and review of internal training programmes

6、 Responsible for improving the efficiency of the subordinate staff under his supervision, standardizing the sales system operation standards and supervising the implementation Cooperate with the Human Resources Department to carry out internal human resource management work in the sales department

Job Requirements:

1、 Expertise in business management, marketing, contract management, market planning, relevant laws, etc.

2、 Trained in marketing, team management, financial management, etc.

3、 Good English listening, speaking and reading skills

4、 Bachelor degree or above in business management, marketing or other related majors

5、 More than 10 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, more than 5 years of experience in corporate marketing management

6、 Ability to adapt to overseas business trips

7、 Other quality requirements: strong leadership ability, judgment and decision-making ability, interpersonal communication ability and business negotiation ability, good stress resistance and organizational coordination ability, teamwork awareness, sufficient focus and self-motivation awareness, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability

Location: Vietnam

Assistant Manager of Processing

Job Duties:

1、 Independently responsible for the organization and implementation of the work of the process classroom;

2、 Responsible for the maintenance of the entire component workshop process and the development of relevant process improvements;

3、 Responsible for supervising and checking process execution procedures, process parameters and standards, improving product performance and maintaining product yields;

4、 Stabilize the pass rate of output products of each process and optimize the process parameters to improve product quality;

5、 Analyse and solve the problems in the processing process and improve the main defects;

6、 Workshop production, equipment, quality and other departments between the communication work arrangements;

7、 Responsible for summarizing the work of the classroom, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on process improvement work, and analysis of problems in the improvement process;

8、 Develop performance assessment plans and specific plans for the personnel of the process classroom, optimize the process team through performance assessment and a combination of rewards and punishments;

9、 Complete other work arranged by the superior leadership.

Job requirements:

1、 1, college degree or above, at least 5 years of experience in PV module factory process positions, able to independently complete the production process exception processing, leading process proposal projects and report writing experience.

2、 Fluent in Chinese listening and reading, if you have Vietnamese, English listening and speaking skills is a plus.

Being optimistic, positive, logical, responsible and courageous.

Vietnamese Language Management Trainee

Job Duties:

1、 Responsible for assisting in the development of the department's management system, and revising and improving it when appropriate.

2、 Participate in order evaluation, prepare and coordinate the implementation of production plan

3、 Responsible for the work connection of various functional parts and production plan development and implementation, data statistics and feedback

4、 Responsible for the formulation and supervision of the implementation of the material requirement plan

5、 Responsible for coordinating and scheduling the completion of the production of outsourcing orders

6、 Responsible for monitoring the production operation of the company

7、 Responsible for assisting in improving the overall efficiency of the company's production

8、 Other tasks assigned by superiors

Job Requirements:

1、 College degree or above, language major preferred;

1、 Vietnamese and Chinese language proficiency in listening, reading and writing;

2、 Reading and writing level in English;

Experience in customer communication and good communication skills;

Equipment Engineer

Job Summary:

Responsible for skills training and instruction of local equipment technicians and repair of abnormal equipment faults.

Job Duties:

1、 Establishment and updating of daily spot checks and maintenance systems for the main equipment of each workshop process, preparation of maintenance plans and establishment of maintenance ledgers for process equipment;

1、 According to the equipment maintenance plan, do a good job in the maintenance of equipment under the jurisdiction of the section;

2、 Develop solutions to faults and hidden dangers, solve equipment faults and hidden dangers, improve equipment deficiencies and prepare usage reports;

3、 Assist production and process to complete the efficient production of products and the high quality of products;

4、 Complete the parameters and equipment matching proposed by the process, and track and solve and optimize the problems raised by the production;

5、 To do the analysis of equipment operation data, put forward improvement suggestions, and improve the equipment crop rate;

6、 Responsible for the spare parts requisition, use and other work management, control equipment costs, workshop cost reduction and efficiency, optimization of indicators

7、 To complete other temporary work arranged by the leadership.

Job Requirements

1、 Bachelor degree or above, mechanical, automation, electrical and other related majors are preferred;

2、 2 years and above working experience in PV cell equipment;

3、 Able to withstand high intensity work pressure, with a sense of teamwork, good focus and self-motivated awareness, strong sense of responsibility and learning;

Skilled in office software, common electromechanical equipment software and project management software.

Production Assistant Manager

Job Duties:

1、 According to the overall planning and objectives of the department, develop the work planning and objectives of the production section and implement to achieve them;

2、 Responsible for the quality control of the production process, monitor the quality of production operations at any time, to ensure the qualification rate of finished products;

3、 Responsible for coordinating the reasonable deployment and supervision of production site people, machines, materials, methods and environment, comprehensive control of production costs and monitoring the use of production materials;

4、 Responsible for the organization of the production process product identification and operation records to ensure the traceability of products;

5、 Responsible for the organization of monitoring the operation of the production line process, the dynamic management of production line equipment, fixtures and jigs, and put forward suggestions and measures for improvement;

6、 Organize the production workshop safety and 5S management, and strive to enhance the awareness of staff safety, improve and maintain the production operating environment.

Job Requirements:

1、 Familiar with the production process of photovoltaic module products, process standards of each process, means of solving production abnormalities and key control points;

2、 Possess production management concepts and production practical management experience, with strong management skills in standard working hours, cost control, production site management, safe production, etc.;

3、 Experience in project management is preferred;

4、 Skilled in using various office software.