2023-01-13 11:39:00
VSUN SOLAR launched the Vesta N

VSUN SOLAR introduces Vesta N TOPCon series globally in the beginning of 2023. By entering a new era of N-type, Vesta N series are showcasing more reliable and high-efficiency TOPCon modules. Vesta N provides conversion efficiency is up to 22.21% and power reaches 690W in mass production.
Vesta N delivers higher power output, improved yield, better thermal response and reduced degradation. The innovative technology of Vesta N allows for an improved temperature coefficient of -0.30%/°C (Pmax). 
Compared with P-type modules, the power generation efficiency of Vesta N series modules can be increased by 3%-4%.
VESTA, In ancient Greek mythology, is the ancient god who guards the holy fire on the altar, and it is also the name of the brightest asteroid in the solar system. VSUN names its product series after Vesta, which stands for lights and brighten up the future. Vesta series modules adopt N-type TOPCon battery technology, taking into account high power and high reliability, and can be widely used in various photovoltaic projects and application environments.
Compared with PERC, the conversion efficiency of this technology has gradually approached the theoretical upper limit, and N-type modules have more obvious advantages in power, performance and many other aspects. With the continuous maturity of N-type TOPCon battery technology and production process, the continuous improvement of conversion efficiency and the decline of manufacturing costs, the market demand for N-type modules is gradually increasing. The launch of Vesta N series modules is another new chapter in the upgrading of VSUN in the photovoltaic industry.