2023-08-10 08:46:03
VSUN in Action: Adhering to Business Ethics, Practicing Standardized Operations with High and Strict Standard.

Integrity is the foundation of the social contract, and ethics are the cornerstone of business civilization. Throughout the business activities, VSUN has consistently upheld integrity and adhered to the principles of fair and legal operations.


Through establishing a sound social responsibility management system, strengthening risk control, setting up and improving an integrity management system, strengthening information security and other measures, VSUN further strengthens compliance operations and lays the foundation for sustainable development. In the past year, it successfully passed the audit of Ecovadis platform on corporate sustainability and received the bronze award, which improved the immunity for entering the procurement catalog of major customers and the company development.


Under industry norms and self-regulation, we steadily develop our brand and strive to establish a genuine "community of responsibility" with our partners. Our goal is to create a harmonious business environment and integrate sustainability into our daily operations.


VSUN commits to maintaining business ethics and consistently implementing standardized operations. In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and the company system, the management performs its obligations, exercises its powers, actively attends meetings, carefully deliberates motions of the high-level meetings, and fully expresses its opinions on major corporate matters, thereby providing an effective guarantee for the company's scientific decision-making.


In the future, the company will continue to explore with employees, global customers, and partners, creating value through sustainable energy and promoting sustainable and healthy development. We actively undertake social responsibilities and open up an extraordinary future for the development of green and clean energy industries.


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