2023-08-11 13:56:51
VSUN in Action: Actively Uphold International Labor and Human Rights Standards, Safeguard Labor Rights and Safety

Guided by the principles of justice, fairness, openness, and inclusivity, VSUN respects and reflects the aspirations of its employees, fostering a positive atmosphere of respect for and protection of human rights throughout the organization. We actively adhere to international labor and human rights standards, establish and improve systems related to the protection of employees' labor rights and interests, safeguard labor rights and safety, and promote employees' development in their professional, social, and psychological aspects.


VSUN upholds the safety production policy that "safety is the life of the enterprise," and holds the safety production philosophy of making safety one of the core values of the company and an intrinsic pursuit for all managers. We have obtained certifications for occupational health and safety management systems and safety standardization. VSUN places great emphasis on safety production, providing employees in different positions with necessary labor protection equipment and facilities on a regular basis, implementing a safety and environmental protection production responsibility system.


VSUN always regards employees as the most valuable asset, advocates a people-centered talent philosophy, and practices human-oriented management, providing employees with a good working environment, rights, as well as training and development opportunities. VSUN believes that employees' development is the driving force and the most inspiring achievement of the company's growth.


In the future, VSUN will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, adhere to international labor and human rights standards, uphold the dignity and rights of employees, establish a sound safety management system, ensure employees' safety and physical and mental well-being, and create a positive atmosphere of respect for and protection of human rights. The entire organization will unite and work together, hand in hand, towards a future of green, clean, and sustainable development.

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