2024-01-19 10:46:17
VSUN has revealed plans to launch Phase I Investment for 4GW Monocrystalline Silicon Pull Rod and Silicon Wafer Slicing Manufacturing Project in 2024!

VSUN SOLAR, a Japanese-invested solar solution company, had announced that the company had started the construction of a total 4GW integrated project manufacturing monocrystalline silicon pull rod and silicon wafer slicing in Vietnam in 2024. The facility phraseⅠis scheduled for commissioning in late 2023, and production will start in Q2 2024. The facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced automated machines and equipment, incorporating with Japan's quality management system.


Wafer production will be based on the cutting-edge DCW platform, designed to produce thin wafers measuring less than 100 micrometers in thickness. The main product will be high-quality silicon wafers characterized by low oxygen content, extended lifetimes, and controlled resistivity. These wafers will be compatible with all solar cell technologies, including TOPCon, PERC and HJT structures.

The factory is assembled with a stable and advanced large-scale circulation system for cutting fluid, effectively ensuring product processing quality and machine longevity. Additionally, it employs cutting fluid waste circulation treatment technology, truly achieving energy savings, emission reduction, and environmental protection.

VSUN's long-term strategic goal is to establish a prominent presence in the complete solar value chain. VSUN establishes a pioneering position in solar manufacturing with the lowest capital intensity, ensuring globally competitive production costs. This is critical for VSUN to increase the global brand influence.


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