2024-02-05 11:45:55
VSUN Group 2023 Year-end Report Meeting and Annual Party Successfully Held in Vietnam!


February 3, 2024 - VSUN Group marked a triumphant conclusion to its 2023 Annual Work Summary and Celebration with the resounding theme " FIGHT OVER ACROSSING!" in Vietnam. The event witnessed the gathering of key figures, including VSUN Group CEO Lewis Cai, BIDV President Nguyn Trung Kiên, CTO Dr. Aihua Wang, COO Jason Liu, CMO Jenny Zhou, CFO Vincent Fan, VSUN Group Chief Advisor Dr. Jianhua Zhao , representatives from TOYO SOLAR, Wafer Business Unit , other high-ranking executives and longtime staff members.


CEO Lewis Cai delivered a pivotal speech acknowledging the remarkable achievements of VSUN Group in 2023 Projected turnover before audit was recorded close to 1.5 billion. Module shipments reached a record high and all operating indicators exceeded expectations. TOYO SOLAR Cell production was put into production and shipped on schedule, and achieved good operating results with positive cash flow and net profit at the end of the year.


Lewis Cai outlined the strategic direction for 2024, emphasizing three key points: a focus on technological innovation and cost control, amplification of VSUN's core strengths with the pursuit of a U.S. listing, and the development of the U.S. market as VSUN's foremost strategic market. The CEO stressed the need for a unified guiding ideology, rallying behind the vision of establishing a robust presence in the U.S. market, focusing on component sales, and enhancing brand reputation.


To realize the long-term goals, Cai emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration among the VSUN team, particularly in navigating the complex and compliance-heavy U.S. market. He urged the workforce to align with the guiding ideology, ensuring the smooth achievement of mission objectives.


The annual party recognized the outstanding contributions of 29 departments and 62 individuals within VSUN Group for their hard working, dedication, and outstanding accomplishments, with recipients urged to carry the honor forward and continue contributing to the success of VSUN Group. Meantime, the company expressed gratitude to its longstanding employees with commemorative medals. VSUN committed to continue providing a platform for the development of valued employees.

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