2024-04-16 16:36:35
VSUN shines at WFES 2024

On April 16-18, 2024 - The highly anticipated World Future Energy Summit (WFES) took place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center covering an expansive area of over 40,000 square meters, featured 650 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, showcasing the latest technologies and products. The event brought together experts, elites, and practitioners from various energy sectors to explore innovative clean energy solutions and drive global green sustainable development forward.



With the rapid urbanization in the Middle East region, reducing carbon footprint has become a significant focus. The local climate, characterized by aridness and scarce rainfall, has heightened the market demand for high-performance and quality photovoltaic panels, as well as increased requirements for solar plant efficiency and cost-effectiveness. VSUN presented Vesta N-type modules, featuring double-layer high-transparency glass, offering advantages such as high power, efficiency, and electricity generation. Even after 30 years, these modules maintain no less than 87.4% of their electricity generation capacity. Notably, the Vesta series demonstrates enhanced low-light response and performs exceptionally well in high-temperature regions, operating efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, ensuring robust reliability.


The VSUN SOLAR sales team in the Middle East showcased a variety of cutting-edge photovoltaic products and system solutions at the event. Among them, the VSUN590N-144BMH-DG, VSUN635N-156BMH-DG, and VSUN700N-132BMH-DG garnered significant attention for their efficiency and low-carbon features. The VSUN team secured numerous orders and received widespread acclaim from attendees during the WFES.


The event, will be spanning for three days. Visitors are cordially invited to join the exhibition and meet VSUNers at Booth 8325, exchange ideas, and collaborate with VSUN in shaping a sustainable future.

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