2024-04-18 19:14:20
VSUN completes integrated industry chain with production of the first silicon wafer in Vietnam

VSUN's Silicon Wafer Business Unit Phase I Project (4GW) has successfully commenced production at its Vietnam base with the first blade of 182.2*182.2mm N-type silicon wafer as scheduled! VSUN had undertaken the program of construction in November last year, covering a total construction area over 132,000. It is anticipated that the production base will be ready for full production by the end of April, marking a significant advancement in VSUN Group's strategic layout towards the development of its entire industry chain.


Wafer factory is using the most advanced equipment and technological process routes in the industry, and operating under a Japanese quality management system. Stringent operations management is implemented to maximize productivity and minimize costs while producing goods of the highest quality and sustainability.



The finished crystal is cut, polished and sawn into wafers according to the customer’s specifications.

VSUN SOLAR had signed the strategic polysilicon supply deal with one of the world’s foremost leaders in polysilicon production. The strategic partner will stably supply VSUN with low-carbon silicon materials meeting international standards. Leveraging the advantages of a vertically integrated supply chain layout, VSUN SOLAR aims to assist customers in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, continuously creating greater value for them.


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