2024-05-28 14:45:43
VSUN SOLAR Supports the donation ceremony of the "Rebuild the Smile" charity project

On May 27, 2024, the donation ceremony of the "Rebuild the Smile" charity project to Child Surgery Vietnam-USA was held at Bnh vin đa khoa tnh Yên Bá. The charity organization is helping children with congenital birth defects in the poor remote areas of Vietnam. It was a heartwarming success, VSUNers were giving monetary gifts to sponsored children and their families.


VSUN SOLAR has committed to creating value and giving back to society. VSUN donates to the funding of the Child Surgery Vietnam-USA "Rebuild the Smile" program after learning the difficulties that children in the remote areas of Vietnam are facing. This initiative aims to provide medical assistance to children born with congenital defects, helping them regain their smiles and embrace a brighter future.


VSUN supported the medical team's visit over numerous remote areas across Vietnam, to conduct medical surgeries and educate local communities with medical training. As of April 2024, with a team of 6 surgeons from Hanoi, we conducted 66 operations over 2.5 days. Currently, the team continues to screen the children in need, hoping to rebuild more and more smiles in Vietnam.


VSUN remains dedicated to the passionate work of our team and partners to empower children in the communities. We will collaborate with local organizations to contribute to social welfare, charitable endeavors, and renewable energy development.

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