2024-06-14 10:10:40
Enpal Continues to Lead Its Industry By Adding New Innovations from VSUN SOLAR

VSUN SOLAR and Enpal B.V. (hereinafter referred to as "Enpal") solidified their partnership by signing a strategic cooperation framework agreement dedicated to exploring new win-win scenarios on June 12, 2024. VSUN Group's CEO, Lewis Cai, and Enpal's CPO, Henning Rath attended the ceremony.


The Strategic Cooperation between two parties aims at fully integrating respective resource advantages. VSUN will provide Enpal with innovative, high-quality photovoltaic products and green solutions. This support will help Enpal achieve its strategic goals in the field of sustainable clean energy development, leading Europe's green transition.


Lewis Cai, CEO of VSUN said, "We are delighted to enhance our strategic cooperation with Enpal. VSUN will explore further collaboration opportunities with Enpal to support its vision for sustainable development, achieving higher dimensions of mutual benefit. We look forward to jointly exploring broader market spaces and building a clean future together."


About Enpal

Enpal is Germany’s first greentech unicorn and among the largest residential solar installers and fastest-growing energy companies in Europe (FT1000 Ranking 2022 by Financial Times & Statista), installing over 2,000 new solar energy systems monthly. Enpal offers an integrated package for a carbon-free home including photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, green electricity tariffs and smart energy software. Enpal’s business model is designed to democratize solar energyit rents out the systems and takes care of service and maintenance (solar-as-a-service), eliminating high upfront acquisition costs. All PV systems are connected to form an intelligent renewable network.

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